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Sunday, November 2, 2003

The creation of a web-site

I've spent a couple of days worth of effort now setting up my first serious website (this one) from scratch. With any luck some people might find some useful information here that helps them out. I've learnt a bunch of stuff along the way.The design I basically made up using a combination of features I've seen on other web sites, plus a bit of experimentation. The intricacies of cascading style sheets was unfamiliar to me when I started, but now I'm at least a novice user... winkThe blog is run by greymatter, an open source perl project. The wiki is a customised version of JSP Wiki which is obviously a JSP based product - again open source. I've used the wiki many times before on various projects and find it very easy to use. The rest of the site is just plain old html.I think I've got a lot more to learn, but so far I'm happy with how its turned out. I'm looking forward to learning a whole bunch more as I use the site in anger.

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