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Thursday, July 8, 2004

CI Demo Part 4 - A new start

So I've finally found a bit of spare time to do some work on that continuous integration demo again. Mike Williams has been helping me out a bit, and we've made some good progress.

The app is pretty simple - it's a To-Do list. We built it using a slightly different set of technologies than I'd originally anticipated. They were:

  • Subversion
  • Java
  • Ant
  • JUnit
  • JCoverage
  • Simian
  • Jetty
  • JWebUnit
  • Cruise Control
  • WebWork
  • Velocity

There are a few noticeable differences from my original list here. Subversion was used for simplicity of setup on Windows. I anticipate that most people will set this up on Wintel boxes, and CVS caused a bit of frustration. Webwork I started trying it just to see what it was like, and became a fan so kept using it. Velocity is in the same boat.

No FIT (or FIT-like) tests are included yet. Thats on my To-Do to-do list (pun intended). I'm also not uploading it all yet, as I need to clean a couple of bits up. I will however describe some of the key features in other blog entries.

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