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Friday, November 11, 2005

Australian 8-Ball Championships - Day 3

This morning we play against the home state - WA. We have a very strong match against them and come out with a 15-9 win. I play two frames and win them both. I'm still missing position a bit, but getting better as the tournament moves on.

Our second match for the day is against Qld. They are another very strong team. We have a bad loss to them with a 16-8 result. I play one frame and lose it.

Finally, we come up against NT at the end of the day. They are one of the weaker teams in the competition and we beat them comfortably with a 16-8 win. I don't play at all in the match. The big story of the round is that WA beats SA in a huge upset.

The day is a mixed bag for the VIC's. We are dissapointed with the loss to Qld, but the loss by SA means that we are in outright second, which is very good at this stage given that we haven't played all of the weaker teams yet. I'm personally on 2 wins out of 7 frames, so haven't started well.


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