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Friday, November 11, 2005

Australian 8-Ball Championships - Day 5

This morning we played against NSW, who are by far the weakest team. We have a huge win against them and come away with a 22-2 result. No-one can remember anyone ever being beaten by such a margin. In the same round, SA beats Qld, which means we are now on top of the ladder with great percentage. I play all three frames in the match and win them all. That gets me back to 50% having won 5 out of 10 frames now.

We play Tasmania later this evening, which will see us having played every other state once. I'll update the entry with results later on.

Update: We had a draw with Tasmania, which is a bummer, but there were two other shock results for the round. SA drew with the ACT, and WA beat Qld. That means that after having played everyone once, the VICs are on top of the ladder.

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