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Friday, November 25, 2005

Australian 8-Ball Championships - Day 6

This was by far our most important day so far, and we didn't go so well...

In the morning we played ACT, and beat them 16-8. That was a good start to the day, but it went downhill quickly. We play two of the other top teams in our other matches for the day, and get beaten in both. SA beats us 13-11, and then WA beats us 13-11 as well. The only good news is that the close matches mean our percentage is still looking ok.

My results continue to suck. I've adjusted to the table speed ok, but my confidence is down and I'm giving my opponents an extra shot in the games as a result. At a national level, thats easily enough to get your ass kicked. I suspect I'll be spending some time on the pine in the home stretch.

The teams event is being put on hold for a couple of days now whilst we get into the singles event.

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