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Friday, November 25, 2005

Australian 8-Ball Championships - Day 7

Its singles day again, and this time I'm playing a guy called Marcus Jackson from Tasmania. My play is up and down during the match, but solid enough for me to beat him 5-3. That means I achieve on of my goals in making the last 32 for the singles. My next match is in the afternoon against Wayne Stubbs, also from Tasmania. Wayne has represented Australia before, so will be my toughest match so far.

Wayne gets out to an early lead in the match, and we go frame for frame for a while until he ends up ahead 5-3 in a race to 6. My play improves a bit at this point and I peg it back to 5-4 and get good control in the next frame in attempt to bring the scores level. Towards the end of the frame I get a bad kiss on one of my shots, which accidentally knocks Wayne's ball into the pocket. Disaster. The cover I have is good enough for me to win normally, but Wayne digs out his covered ball with one of his two shots, and pots the rest to win the final frame. I lose the match 6-4.

I'm pleased with the fact that I achieved my goal in the singles draw, but dissapointed that I lost after having a real chance in the match. A win in this match would have also meant that I would play Jack Halligan in the next match, which would have been an opportunity to achieve one of my other goals. As it turns out, Wayne beats Jack in the next round and goes through to the quarter finals.

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