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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Geeking things done (GTD) with Runway

At Cogent Consulting, we've had a goal of building our own products in house for some time. What better product to build than something you know about and will use every day. We're geeks, and we use the process of Getting Things Done™ (GTD) on a daily basis to help plan our own work. None of the products on the market seem to understand the way we want to work though.

To define an action in GTD, you need to give it a name, context, time & energy. It might also be associated with a person and have some tags. The average bit of software out there thinks this is 4 - 6 different fields. You click in one, type, click in the next, type, and so on.

Enter Runway. Getting Things Done™ (GTD) for geeks

In Runway, there's only one input box that understands a simple structured language to parse all of the information needed. So I can type all of that in without clicking around.

When I'm done putting that information in, I end up with this. You can see that action listed, with the context, time, energy and tags all listed separately underneath it.

Runway gets out of my way and lets me worry about managing my actions, rather than managing it. I can navigate around the whole application just using the keyboard, and it gives me clues along the way about how to do it.

It's still early days for Runway, and we're in the process of adding lots more. We'd love you feedback though, so please have a play and let us know what you think.


  1. Check out Taskpaperplus
    It has very similar functionality, plus excellent search.
    It is a standalone php/javascript you can download and use on your own webserver, or the provide microapache server

  2. Thanks for the pointer Simon. I'll check it out.