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Friday, May 8, 2009

RailsConf talks by rating

I did my talk at RailsConf today, which I thought went pretty well. I'm always keen to get some feedback though, so I slurped up the rating information from the RailsConf web site to see how I compared to the other speakers. I ended up 6th out of 61 talks, which I'm happy with. The Rails Envy guys were speaking at the same time as me and came second. I suspect that means I got less people attending and voting as a result. That might not have affected my position in the list though.

Here's the full list for those who are interested. This might still be changing over time as people review the sessions, but it should be reasonably indicative.

UPDATE: It's about seven hours since the conference finished now and some more reviews have come in. They must have been positive for me, because now I've moved up to second. I'll check again in a couple of days to see if anything else dribbles in.

UPDATE: It's a week later now, so I'm assuming the votes have stabilised. There's actually been quite a bit of movement. Here's the list from now. It may stil be changing, but I won't bother updating again. I've moved down to 6th, but I'm still amazed that I'm even that high.

14.65105Ryan SingerUI Fundamentals for Programmers
24.6425David BockModeling Workflow in Ruby and Rails
34.5639Matthew DeitersWhen to Tell Your Kids About Client Caching
44.5143Obie FernandezBlood, Sweat and Rails
54.5014Fernand GalianaR-House - Rails for Home Automation
64.4825Marty AndrewsAutomated Code Quality Checking In Ruby And Rails
74.4555Charles Nutter, Evan PhoenixWhat Makes Ruby Go: An Implementation Primer
84.4464Bryan HelmkampWebrat: Rails Acceptance Testing Evolved
94.4243Ben ScofieldAnd the Greatest of These Is ... Rack Support
104.3639Gregg Pollack, Jason SeiferRails: A Year of Innovation
114.3135Jake ScruggsUsing metric_fu to Make Your Rails Code Better
124.3116Michael BleighTwitter on Rails
134.3030Charles Nutter, Thomas EneboJRuby: State of the Art
144.2790Scott ChaconSmacking Git Around - Advanced Git Tricks
154.2458Ezra ZygmuntowiczRube Goldberg Contraptions, Building Scalable Decoupled Web Apps and Infrastructure with Ruby
164.1959Jim WeirichWriting Modular Applications
174.1469Larry Karnowski, Jason RudolphJavaScript Testing in Rails: Fast, Headless, In-Browser. Pick Any Three.
184.0824Ilya GrigorikArt of the Ruby Proxy for Scale, Performance, and Monitoring
194.0014Jeff DeanAdvanced Views with Erector
204.0010Scott RaymondConfessions of a PackRat
214.0010David Czarnecki, Ola Mork, Eric TorreyGuitar Hero®: Behind the Music
224.0010Matt WoodOrchestrating the Cloud
233.9845Ilya GrigorikBuilding a Mini-Google: High-Performance Computing in Ruby
243.9344Scott Penberthy, Michael Bryzek, Geir Magnusson Jr, Yonatan FeldmanThe Gilt Effect: Handling 1000 Shopping Cart Updates per second in Rails
253.9187Aslak HellesoyQuality Code with Cucumber
263.9111Daniel Lathrop, Eric Mill, Wynn NetherlandGov 2.0: Transparency, Collaboration, and Participation in Practice
273.8918Pat Maddox, BJ ClarkWorking Effectively with Legacy Rails Code
283.8540David A. BlackGetting to Know Ruby 1.9
293.8126Blythe DunhamIntegrating SMS Messaging with your Rails Application
303.7740Davis W. FrankI Rock, I Suck, I am - Jumpstart Your Journey to Agile
313.7427Neal Ford, Paul GrossRails in the Large:How We're Developing the Largest Rails Project in the World
323.7121Jonathan DahlFive Musical Patterns for Programmers
333.7117Jay PhillipsCall into your Ruby code! Writing voice-enabled apps in Ruby with Adhearsion
343.6670Alexander DymoAdvanced Performance Optimization of Rails Applications
353.6531Michael KoziarskiAre You Taking Things Too Far?
363.6543Ryan TomaykoHTTP's Best-Kept Secret: Caching
373.6414Brian HoganRails and Legacy Databases
383.6234Chris Wanstrath, Tom Preston-Werner, PJ Hyett, Scott Chacon, Jon MaddoxThe GitHub Panel
393.6118Mike SubelskyIt's Not Always Sunny In the Clouds: Lessons Learned
403.6010Greg BorensteinGiving Rails the Big 'F': Surviving Facebook Integration Unscarred
413.5937Noel RappinBelow and Beneath TDD: Test Last Development and Other Real-World Test Patterns
423.5777Adam WigginsRails Metal, Rack, and Sinatra
433.5657Paolo Negri%w(map reduce).first - A Tale About Rabbits, Latency, and Slim Crontabs
443.5659Matt AimonettiRails3: Step Off of the Golden Path
453.569Jeremy HinegardnerCrate: Packaging Standalone Ruby Applications
463.5480David ChelimskyDon't Mock Yourself Out
473.5263Yehuda Katz, Carl LercheThe Russian Doll Pattern: Mountable apps in Rails 3
483.5018Desi McAdam, Sarah Mei, Lori OlsonDiscussion Panel: Women In Rails
493.3869James AdamThe Even-Darker Art of Rails Engines
503.2959Ninh Bui, Hongli LaiScaling Rails
513.2711Wynn Netherland, Jim Mulholl, Bradley JoyceBuild an App, Start a Movement
523.147Jimmy SchementiIronRuby on Rails
533.0911John Woodell, Ryan BrownJRuby on Google App Engine
542.9225Erik KastnerInterfaces are Dumb (and that's a Very Good Thing)
552.9134Jason LaPortePWN Your Infrastructure: Behind Call of Duty: World at War
562.8723Rein HenrichsRails Is from Mars, Ruby Is from Venus
572.8318Ed Laczynski, Nathaniel BiblerBuilding a Video Portal in Rails - Or How the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Started Streaming
582.7315Tony HillersonIntegrating Flex and Rails with RubyAMF
592.6929Nick Plante, Joe Fiorini, Ben Scofield, Chris Saylor, James GolickStarting Up Fast: Lessons from the Rails Rumble
602.5428Marc-Andre Cournoyer, Christian Neukirchen, Blake Mizerany, Ryan Tomayko, Adam Wiggins, James LindenbaumThe Future of Deployment: A Killer Panel
611.8746Kevin BarnesIn Praise of Non-Fixtured Data

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