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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Best videos of SF MusicTech Summit 2012

One of the side effects of running a business like Eventer (more about that in another post) is that I get to see videos of great conference content a lot. A little over a week ago, SF MuiscTech Summit 2012 was recorded and published on an SF MusicTech Eventer channel. Here's my summary of the most popular talks, and my personal picks of the bunch.

Most Popular

There's two clear winners in the most popular category at the conference.

Firstly, there's a panel named named Artist Tools, where Hisham Dahud moderates a panel with Steve Rennie, David Dufresne, Taynah Reis, Matt Mason and David Haynes. They talk about tools that artists can use to operate the digital side of their business.

Secondly, Celia Hirschman interview the very cool Michael Franti of Spearhead. He talks about his music, fans, social media, Barack Obama and more. Jump to 21:10 if you just wanna see him start rockin on the guitar.

My Favourites

I'm a geek at heart, so my favourite talks at the conference were a couple of demos of some new iPad apps. In both cases, I watched and said "wow". They blew me away.

The first is commercial app about to be released. The presenter, with a straight face, says "Our technology analyses and codifies the meaningful elements in a song, capturing the compositional genome and then deploys that through the architecture, to render it interactively." I ate it up, maybe because the software was so cool and I could see myself (with no musical ability) playing some cool music.

Here's Dave Park talking about JamBandit.

Finally, as part of the SF MusicTech hack day, Yosun Chang built a virtual reality app named AR Album in just 6 hours! It lets you imagine you're holding an original vinyl album in your hands, including the ability to slide the record out from the cover, Incredible.


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